Customer Experience News & Trends

Everything seem great? Your feedback could be lying to you

If your customer feedback is consistently positive, you might want to consider that a problem.

45% of customers will pay more if you can do this

Can you provide this? Customers said they’ll pay more if you can.

5 steps to win love for (and responses to) your surveys

Customers don’t give feedback at the pace you’d like because surveys aren’t as easy as you think they are. It’s time to change that.

13 ways to get worthwhile results from online surveys

Online customer surveys are convenient — but often met with apathy. Here are 13 proven ways to get worthwhile results from your surveys.

8 painless questions you should be asking customers now

Customers are often more eager to complain to friends than give you feedback. But that can all change when you ask the right kinds of questions.

The pros and cons of 5 top customer feedback tools

Surveying customers is a given in business. But few companies get feedback that’s truly useful. This guide can help you make the most of surveying.

Top 6 things ticking customers off now

Customers are tired of poor service. But they aren’t as frustrated as they were four years ago. Does it mean the experience is getting better?

4 costly customer feedback pitfalls you want to avoid now

Most B2Bs don’t operate like B2Cs, yet they gather customer feedback the same way. That makes for deceiving feedback.

7 ways surveys can improve the customer experience

Surveys could be the most underrated tool in the customer engagement arsenal. Are you maximizing the usefulness of surveys?

4 ways to get unique customer insight

Customer surveys might want to bow out gracefully for a bit. Customer experience pros can get a bevy of insight from a few other unique sources these days.