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The 5 worst things you can do to customers

Here are the five biggest reasons customers will walk away from you — and how you can avoid doing what makes them so angry.

The 4 smartest things you can do with customer feedback

Gathering customer feedback is a valuable process. And yet it can be completely useless if you don’t do something valuable with that you’ve heard. Here’s the most important thing to do after you get customer feedback.

3 bad service moves that make customers dump you

Having a poor experience is the top reason customers will seek out a new provider, according to the latest research. And most customers will likely have a poor experience if your front-line people make these seemingly innocent mistakes:

6 words you should never, ever say to customers

You say it, but customers don’t believe it. That’s why these are the six most-hated words in customer service:

Are customers smarter than your employees?

Your front line employees are well-trained and at-the-ready. Your customers have the Internet and time to devote to researching you. So who’s smarter?

Cold calling is alive and well, survey finds

Those who have been sounding the death knell for cold calling may have to reconsider their thinking. Customers are still receptive to cold calls.

6 steps to better customer feedback

Customer feedback can help improve every aspect of your operations — if you gather, analyze and actually use it well. Here’s how to do it:

How companies are screwing up the customer experience

Most companies are more talk than action when it comes to improving the customer experience, new research found.

The key differences between superstars and slouches

Managers may forever debate whether great sellers are born or made. But a recent study reveals several easy-to-spot differences between high-performers and low-performers, as well as the one common trait most would-be superstars possess.

Why ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ is sooooo good for business right now

The simplest ideas are often the best ones. And three recent surveys from Gallup, Yankelovich and BIG Research prove why one of the oldest selling tools in the book is making a major comeback.