Customer Experience News & Trends

How to make proactive social customer service work better

Social media has made proactive customer service easier than ever. Are you capitalizing on this opportunity to boost customer loyalty?

How online reviews affect the bottom line

Online reviews are more than a pat on the back or a testament to your customer experience. They can have a serious impact on the bottom line, new research found.

What customers actually want to hear when they’re on hold

Customers don’t like waiting. But some things make the wait tolerable. Other things make it miserable. Which are you giving them?

6 ways to control — or prevent — customer rage

Customers are angry because no one listens to their complaints. And research shows they’re mostly right.

How the best B2Bs create award-winning customer experiences

Even big retail giants can learn something from some scrappy B2Bs who are winning at the customer experience game. Here are the secrets of those B2Bs.

6 low-cost ways to improve customer service

With just a few tweaks you can turn average customer service into exceptional experiences — which is exactly what customers are waiting for.

7 ways to improve your customer service reputation

Is your company’s reputation for great customer service really important? Only if you want to boost sales … considerably. 

80% of customers want you to do this

About 80% of your customers are waiting for you to do something. Yet, many companies are falling short in this area.

What the holidays will do to customer expectations — and how to prepare

You don’t have to be in retail to feel the effects of changing customer expectations due to the holiday season. Here’s what your customers want now.

5 unique ways to win new customers

Even if your existing customers are as loyal and fanatical as football fans, you still need to win new customers all the time. Here are five unique and proven ways to do it: