Customer Experience News & Trends

Should you tweet in 2013?

Knowing that tweets on Twitter have hurt the reputations of celebrities, athletes and companies, you have to wonder if it’s a viable customer service tool. This statistic may help you decide what to do with Twitter in 2013.

Uh-oh! Customer service via email is slacking

Customers often don’t get the answers they’d like from contact centers – and one form of communication is missing the mark half the time.

Who’s tops at Twitter?

Some customers are tweeting, and most companies aren’t listening.

Who’s failing at customer service on Facebook?

Now that many contact centers are active helping customers via Facebook, the question is, who’s doing it right?

Don’t make this service mistake – putting all your eggs in one basket

Many companies are getting lower customer satisfaction scores because they’ve put almost all of their eggs in one basket. Here’s what’s happened and how to avoid their mistakes.

What contact centers can learn from Cyber Monday

This year’s Cyber Monday proved to be a boon for business – and this lesson for contact centers.

Benchmark set: Do you respond fast enough to customers?

A handful of big companies have slashed wait times and impressed customers. Are you near the benchmark they’ve set?