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5 signs your service secretly stinks (and how to fix it)

Customers know bad service in an instant. But to those of us directing the customer experience, bad service can be harder to spot.

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Lessons from Obamacare: What to do after you screw up

You know it’s bad when the president of the United States has to apologize to the American people. Your company may never screw up the customer experience on the same scale as the Obamacare website debacle, but you can learn a lot from it about how to respond after a huge misstep.

10 social media lessons from Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson … and more

When it comes to social media, most businesses can learn a thing or two from dead celebrities, pop singers, wizards and classic cartoons.

4 signs of tech life your company must show to customers

The way customers want to consume information has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past year. And if your company isn’t adapting to those trends, it runs the risk of looking like a dinosaur in the digital age.

3 rules for posting images to your website, blog or social pages

Images are incredibly useful when it comes to marketing your business or content online. Even Facebook’s come out and said that companies should strive to put an image in every post on its site. Still, it’s possible to get carried away.

Increase the marketing power of each Facebook, Twitter post: Top 10 ways

Making a great first impression means everything on social media. Chances are, if you get a customer on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page and they leave without “liking” or “following” you, they won’t return.

The power of a great customer experience on your bottom line

Giving a great customer experience must be your first business goal. Getting customers to talk about it should be the second. It could have a serious impact on your business’ bottom line.

3 marketing trends worth following to improve customer interaction

Three major marketing trends have emerged over the past two years — and customers expect you to be keeping up with them. Are you? If not, you’re falling short of meeting their growing expectations for your business.

The value of a strong Facebook marketing program? $174.17 per fan

There’s something much more valuable than trying to increase sales via Facebook: improving the customer experience — and there’s a defined payoff for doing so.

5 new rules for proactive customer service pros

You have to reach out to customers from time to time for the right reasons – or they won’t come back to you for any reason.