Customer Experience News & Trends

Can you build loyalty when customers are only buying online?

It’s pretty easy for customers to “cheat” on you when you have a mostly anonymous online relationship. So is it possible to build true loyalty when you don’t personally interact?

Are you offering too much customer service? Best way to find out

Most companies feel compelled to be everywhere and everything when it comes to customer service. But there’s a breaking point at which too much service turns bad. 

Case study: How we divided and conquered social service

There’s a social media marriage that probably needs a separation. The two parties almost always function better on their own.

How to make proactive social customer service work better

Social media has made proactive customer service easier than ever. Are you capitalizing on this opportunity to boost customer loyalty?

5 of the worst customer service stories — and lessons you gain from them

There’s one good thing about acts of bad customer service: People who care about the customer experience (like you!) can learn valuable lessons on how to be better from them.

What customers really think about self-service

You offer self-service because that’s what companies do these days. But is it what customers really want?

4 social customer service myths – and how to move past them

Only big companies can do social customer service well, right? Wrong. That’s just one social service myth we need to debunk.

Are you maximizing your website? If not, here’s how

Every company has a website. But some companies aren’t using their sites to maximize the customer experience. Do you?

Why you need an online community – and how to make it great

Here’s why you want to let some customers love you and then leave you (sort of).

5 customer service fails you need to avoid

You don’t have to fail to learn hard lessons in how to make the customer experience better. Take lessons from other companies’ major customer service fails.