Customer Experience News & Trends

3 ways to build bridges between Sales and Service

Service and Sales isn’t always a match made in Customer Experience Heaven. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to get them better aligned.

The 7 common reasons why sales are lost

It happens. A sale that should have been made slips away. Do you and your salespeople know why?

Why 50% of customers leave

What keeps customers? The answer comes in another question: What loses them?

6 keys to success in a buyer’s market

A marketing expert and scholar breaks down the keys to success in a buyer’s marketplace. 

Using the web to boost customer loyalty and sales

Your people in Sales and Service hold a no-cost key to creating more business.

3 proven factors that boost email response rates

The first challenge is getting prospects to open your email messages. The next is ensuring that they read your copy and, eventually, click through. 

Online subscription marketing: It just might work for you

Following in the footsteps of companies like Netflix, a lot of companies are moving toward an online subscription model that locks customers into monthly rates. 

8 tips for effective after-sale service

Effective after-sales service is not a slogan, advertising program, a button that everyone wears, or a banner touting a “we care attitude.” It is a mindset that good salespeople develop to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

5 key reasons customers leave

Why do customers take their business elsewhere? Sure, sometimes it’s about dissatisfaction with the quality or price of the product or service. More often, though, it’s about dissatisfaction with people.

The key to ’24/7 service’: Your sales people

One of the hottest phrases in business today is “24/7.” Recognizing that we’re in a very competitive and very global economy, there’s a growing awareness that we have to be available around the clock to meet customer needs.