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You have self-service, but do customers know how to help themselves?

Self-service is a powerful customer service tool – but it’s worthless if customers don’t know how to help themselves. So can your customers maximize your self-service tools? 

4 areas where customer service is falling short

Here’s where new research found many companies already fall short in the customer experience, and how you can escape the pitfalls: 

Self-service v. personal service: Here’s what matters most (Infographic)

Customers want options – and you deliver with a variety of self-service and personalized service choices. But what matters to them most now?

Are you offering too much customer service? Best way to find out

Most companies feel compelled to be everywhere and everything when it comes to customer service. But there’s a breaking point at which too much service turns bad. 

What customers really think about self-service

You offer self-service because that’s what companies do these days. But is it what customers really want?

Millennials to Baby Boomers: Customers all want the same thing

Conventional thinking tells us that Millennials want one kind of experience, and Baby Boomers expect something else. New research turns convention on its side.

Your best customer service doesn’t even come from you

If you want customers to ooh and ahh over your service, you might want to cut back on delivering it.

Is self-service really worth it?

If you think you’re going to cut costs and revolutionize the customer experience with more self-service options, you might want to pump the brakes on your expectations.

Is the phone a relic in customer service?

Do you really need the phone — and people to answer it — to help customers today? New research reveals what customers prefer when they need answers.

The best way to get customers to use self-service options

Customers still call more than they use the self-serve options available to them. But many say they’re willing to use self-service more if they get this.