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Ways to tell stories that turn prospects into customers

Many sales presentations are boring, banal and inert. These offensive qualities are troublesome for today’s busy prospects who may have short attention spans.

Provide winning sales presentations to customers: 6 tips

Some salespeople are convinced that the most important part of a sales call is the opening. “The first 60 seconds make or break the sale,” they seem to think. 

5 customer presentation rules that lose sales

“Remain detached during the presentation,” “Visualize your audience sitting in their underwear,” and “Pretend that mistakes don’t happen” — these are all good examples of archaic rules that should be broken. 

5 sales presentation sins

Here are five sins that will undermine presentations to customers:

How to say less and still build more sales

Today’s constant barrage of information may leave prospects and customers bewildered and exhausted. According to a study at the University of California, the average American consumes 100,500 words on an average day. 

Imperfections make you more authentic: Here’s how

Your imperfections during a presentation with customers make you more authentic and credible. Being nervous when you present is common and you can turn it to your advantage. 

Tips for dealing with multiple buyers at the same time

Today, many buyers have a voice in a company’s buying decisions. You may have to sell to many players who, directly or indirectly, influence the buying decision. Your level of success may depend on how well you identify and relate to them. 

Using customers’ voice mail to get screened in, not out

Voice mail boxes are a tough customer gatekeeper to crack. 

10 critical rules for sales success

Every book on sales uses the core principles that Frank Bettger laid out in his classic sales manual almost 70 years ago. He took Dale Carnegie’s putting-people-first tactics, then added the following principles every salesperson should read and master. 

Improve customer presentations with these 6 tips

An insight scenario is a brief story about a customer you helped in an emergency using your product or service.