Customer Experience News & Trends

One guy who creates an experience 99% of customers love

Wouldn’t you like to clone this guy? He’s won nearly every service and skill award in his line of work, received nearly 500 positive customer surveys, and he says with a smile on his face, “I love to help people.”

5 mistakes leaders make that kill the customer experience

Many managers make subtle mistakes that mess with employees’ abilities to do a great job, as well as customers’ experiences with the company. Could you be making them, too?

How diapers, broken windshields and organic meats get the ‘new’ customer experience right

Yellow Page ads, handshakes and service calls used to account for much of the customer experience. Today, it’s a different game that’s based mostly online — and some companies are way ahead of the curve. Here’s what you can learn from those trailblazers.

How one analyst cut speed-to-answer and abandon rates – and improved his company’s service levels

Faster response and the most accurate answers from skilled agents – it’s every customer’s dream. Here’s how one analyst made it come true.