Customer Experience News & Trends

A little extra online service = fewer customer support calls

Tweak your online customer service just a little and you’ll likely curb calls to customer support professionals a lot. Here’s what to do:

Why customers recommend your company (hint: it’s all about YOU!)

Congratulations contact center professionals! Here’s proof you do more than pull your weight at your organization.

Top way contact centers can get customers to spend more

Customers will spend more with your company (and you’ll be the hero for it) if you do this one thing.

How you can get customers to buy more this year

Good news, contact center pros: You can do more than ever to get customers to buy more this year. Here’s how:

Why customers blab bad stuff about you

Watch out, contact center pros: One bad experience, and many customers are ready to blab about it. Here’s why:

4 ways to bring back customers who are ticked off

Ideally, customers would never have a bad experience with your contact center. But it happens – and if you do this, they’ll still come back.

How many customers want you to respond to their tweets?

Many customers rant and rave in social media. So are they doing it just to blow off steam or do they want your attention?