Customer Experience News & Trends

5 ways to strengthen customer loyalty

Customers can come and go as quickly as clicking the “next” button on their smartphones — that is, unless they’re rooted in their relationship with you.

Some customers don’t forgive: Are you ready to win them back?

Almost 60% of customers consider dumping you when they experience a mistake. Are you prepared to win them back?

Why it’ll get even harder to keep up with customer expectations

Keeping up with what customers want will get even more difficult — and the reason may surprise you.

Should you allow social media use in the contact center? Research says …

You probably use social media to connect with customers. But should you let contact center employees use it for personal reasons at work, too? Researchers might have the answer for you.

4 signs a top competitor may be vulnerable

You won’t always have access to enough info to tell whether a top competitor is struggling. If you pick up on one or more of these four warning signs, however, it could mean some of a competitor’s best customers are vulnerable (and ready to consider a change):

Why some firms are better at customer retention than others

Today’s customers are ready to jump ship for almost any reason, especially price. Some companies have figured out how to keep even the most finicky, price-conscious folks.