Customer Experience News & Trends

What a happy customer means to the bottom line [Graphic]

If you don’t have enough reasons to make customers happy, here’s one you can put at the top of your list: 

What ticks customers off, and what makes them happy

Here’s the good news: It’s just as easy to make customers happy as it is to tick them off.

How to make proactive social customer service work better

Social media has made proactive customer service easier than ever. Are you capitalizing on this opportunity to boost customer loyalty?

How online reviews affect the bottom line

Online reviews are more than a pat on the back or a testament to your customer experience. They can have a serious impact on the bottom line, new research found.

What customers actually want to hear when they’re on hold

Customers don’t like waiting. But some things make the wait tolerable. Other things make it miserable. Which are you giving them?

How customers’ emotions affect the experience

Look beyond satisfied and dissatisfied. There are the four emotions that seriously impact the customer experience.

What’s more important — your work or your charm?

When it comes to a great customer experience, it’s more about how you make them feel than what you actually do.

Time to get serious about social media service

How serious should you be about social media customer service? Consider these numbers and the answer should be easy.

Top 10 reasons customers walk away

Customers are frustrated, and it has them walking away from companies at an alarming rate. Here’s what’s going on now — and how you can save relationships.

Surprise: This is biggest influence on customers’ decisions to buy

Ever order a sandwich because your friend or spouse did, and it just sounded good? That simple act could be the best lesson you’ve ever had in why customers buy — and how you can get them to buy more.