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When a customer rejects you: 6 steps to rebound

Rejection is a big part of every salesperson’s life. And salespeople who are rejected more than most tend to be more successful than most. 

The No. 1 reason salespeople succeed or fail

Choosing to have a healthy attitude can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful selling career. Your attitude is contagious, influencing the mood of the customers and prospects you’re trying to sell. 

The key to a successful selling career

Rare indeed is the salesperson who can close a sale in one or two contacts.

Sales success starts with commitment: But to what?

Salespeople who aren’t committed may not be able to get prospects and customers committed either. There are four basic commitments salespeople must make to be successful: 

5 signs you shouldn’t hire a sales candidate

A lot is written about what managers should look for when interviewing sales candidates. Most covers the positive signs indicating you might be interviewing a sales superstar. But there are negative indicators that will save you from hiring a walking disaster.

Overcoming call reluctance: What sales pros need to know

For some salespeople, prospecting is the weakest link in the selling chain because they suffer from call reluctance. But whether they’re experienced sales pros or new to the field, they need to quickly overcome it to survive.