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Customer loyalty hinges on your ‘power of nice’

Could this little word be the common thread that builds and holds customer loyalty?

Should you allow social media use in the contact center? Research says …

You probably use social media to connect with customers. But should you let contact center employees use it for personal reasons at work, too? Researchers might have the answer for you.

4 signs employees are stressed – and not making customers happy

Some might argue that working with customers all day is the most challenging job there is. And that’s why customer service professionals are at the biggest risk for stress and burnout.

5 ways to curb service-destroying employee call outs

For every good reason a customer service employee has for skipping work, another five probably have bad reasons. That’s why leaders want to make work the place they want to be.

The difference between being a busy and a productive prospector

Some salespeople like to brag about how busy they are. But they forget that “busy” doesn’t always mean “productive.”

3 customer service reps who are costing you money

Most employees who deal with customers build loyalty and help boost the bottom line. However, there are three customer service employees who suck the life out of those around them and money from your organization.

4 signs your contact center is full of ‘office politics’

Even if everyone seems to get along well, office politics may be affecting morale and productivity in your contact center.

6 keys to surviving in a contact center

Life in a contact center can be hectic, fun and unpredictable. That isn’t the only truth the professionals who work in them should know.

6 things a contact center manager should never say to agents

Contact center pros need thick skin. But no one should have to tolerate these nasty comments from ill-suited managers.

Here’s the least productive time of day – and how you can work around it

Before you schedule another training session or important meeting, consider the least and most productive times of the day for employees.