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9 ways to tell if price is your real problem

Some salespeople use price as an excuse for a poor job selling. But price objections may raise a red flag indicating something else is wrong — and that it’s a deeper problem. 

How J.C. Penney failed customers: 3 ways to avoid its mistakes

In an effort to innovate, J.C. Penney alienated. Customers left in droves, and the retailer taught other businesses valuable lessons in the customer experience.

5 hidden factors that hurt revenue

In his book The Sales Growth Imperative, best-selling author David Cichelli says there are five “strategic missteps” that hurt profits/revenue, and that most companies are unaware of the problems:  

Price check! Are you sure you’re still in the sweet spot?

Too many companies don’t pay enough attention to pricing to determine whether or not they’re getting it right.

The 7 worst pricing mistakes

Sometimes, just the tiniest change in pricing strategy can make the biggest difference — for better or worse.