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4 dumb rules that hurt the customer experience

Here’s a fast way to improve the customer experience. Break the following rules!

What’s the cost of one bad customer experience?

What does one bad customer experience cost your company?

3 customer service tales so good they’re scary!

No tricks. All treats today on Customer Experience Insight, thanks to three real-life customer service tales that are so good they’re scary.

The 7 worst customer service mistakes ever

You’d think the fear of negative YouTube exposure would scare most organizations into giving better service. Not so much.

How to prep your contact center for summer no-shows

Summer brings an increase in barbecues, pool parties, sun tans and unplanned absences. Prepare yourself for that now so customer service levels never drop.

Show customers you care: 7 tactics that start from within

It’s one thing to say your company cares. It’s another thing to actually prove it. 

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The 5 worst things you can do to customers

Here are the five biggest reasons customers will walk away from you — and how you can avoid doing what makes them so angry.