Customer Experience News & Trends

The new B2B experience looks a lot like the B2C one

The line has blurred between the B2B and B2C customer experience. Here’s what B2Bs can learn from B2Cs.

Why now is the best time to improve the customer experience

The worst time to let customer service slip is when the economy’s on the upswing. New research shows us why.

4 keys to be better at mobile customer service

Customers don’t just want service on the go; they expect it. And they expect it to be as easy as a phone call.

Why social media doesn’t help on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You can’t rely on Twitter to bring in the sales — not even on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Research proves social media isn’t where all the buzz is.

4 things customers say they want from your email

Naysayers have been predicting the death of email for years now. But the fact of the matter is (thanks the proliferation of mobile devices), email is seeing a resurgence in effectiveness. And a recent study has proven buyers are still willing to purchase products in droves via email. There’s just one catch.

Warning: Google to penalize sites making 2 key mistakes

It’s always a good idea to optimize your website for mobile devices, but now Google might penalize you if you don’t.

3 ways to optimize your website for mobile devices

It won’t be long before more people are accessing the Internet using a mobile device than a personal computer. Is your company ready to receive a surge in mobile users?