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Is your customer stretching the truth? 5 ways to spot a lie

A Pinocchio nose won’t give away liars on the phone or online these days. But these signs will help you spot one.

4 ways to get the truth out of customers

  The next time you suspect a customer is giving you a “BS” story, use this guide to handle the situation and (hopefully) uncover the truth.

Why customers lie – and how to spot a fib

Some customers lie. Here’s why, how you can separate the truth from the fib and still give great Service.

How to tell that a customer is lying

Liars are often easy to spot, but aren’t so obvious when you just hear them. Here are three signs when someone on the phone is lying.

6 ways to tell if a customer is lying to you

A few customers will lie to get what they want. Here’s how to detect their lies and handle the situation.