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11 cool ways to reward your most deserving customers

Some customers are great because they’re good for business and morale. Working with them makes your employees happier. And that’s why you need cool ways to reward the most deserving customers. 

Why it’ll get even harder to keep up with customer expectations

Keeping up with what customers want will get even more difficult — and the reason may surprise you.

5 core principles that form outstanding customer relationships

Business success today is dependent upon developing mutually beneficial relationships that create shared value, solve mutual problems, and get both salespeople and customers to a place of “we” rather than the usual “us vs. them” tug of war.

11 ways to celebrate National Customer Service Week

You probably spend every week of the year touting the customer experience. Very soon, you get to celebrate it. Are you ready for National Customer Service Week?

5 creepy loyalty marketing tactics customers hate

Technology has provided great new avenues for customizing loyalty programs on a per-customer basis. The only problem: That customization requires the collection of personal info. And it appears we’ve reached a tipping point when it comes to data collection.

At-risk customers: How to spot and save them

A salesperson receives a phone call from a customer expecting business as usual, only to learn the previously-happy customer is shifting business to a competitor. It’s a scenario that happens too often in business today.

6 customer loyalty lessons from Lady Gaga

On the surface this sounds irrational: Businesses can learn a lot about customer loyalty from a woman who wears dresses made of meat and is getting sued for allegedly treating an employee badly. But Lady Gaga has the followers to prove she can offer valuable lessons in loyalty.

Top 4 reasons long-term customer relationships crumble

Research has pinpointed the four main reasons why long-term relationships end or never get started.

3 signs customers will walk – and how to stop them

Customers give signs they’re about to dump you. Here’s how to read them and react.

Don’t do it: One way to hurt customer satisfaction

Here’s one thing you can do that will almost always hurt customer satisfaction and loyalty.