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11 ways to show customers love and gratitude

There’s no time like now to show customers love and gratitude. Here are 11 ways to make it special. Any time of the year – and especially after a year like the last one – is relevant to thank customers and send some gratis their way. But while our hearts and minds are on love […] [MORE]

7 ways sales, service and the experience can boost customer loyalty

Sales, service and customer experience professionals can build customer loyalty by constantly focusing on one critical factor: customer needs. Here’s how.

3 ways to improve customer experience with a local touch

According to Gartner, customer experience is one of the top three areas of marketing investment, proving that those sharing your market space already have their eyes on the prize. One great way to enhance the customer experience is through content localization – or adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market. Translation is […] [MORE]

10 commandments of customer loyalty

Everyone has experienced this at one time or another. What you thought was going to be a simple everyday transaction for a product or service turned out to be an experience that earned your lifetime loyalty as a customer.

11 cool ways to reward your most deserving customers

Some customers are great because they’re good for business and morale. Working with them makes your employees happier. And that’s why you need cool ways to reward the most deserving customers. 

3 ways to get your customer experience message right

There’s a lot of buzz about the importance of empathy and why businesses must harness it to improve their customer experience (CX) and build loyalty. Yet what’s largely missing from the equation is what being empathetic means for customer-obsessed brands, and how to embrace and effectively create it. 

3 powerful ways to build B2B customer loyalty

You care about the customer experience and want to build loyalty, so you have a solid handle on their needs, right?

Why it’ll get even harder to keep up with customer expectations

Keeping up with what customers want will get even more difficult — and the reason may surprise you.

5 core principles that form outstanding customer relationships

Business success today is dependent upon developing mutually beneficial relationships that create shared value, solve mutual problems, and get both salespeople and customers to a place of “we” rather than the usual “us vs. them” tug of war.

11 ways to celebrate National Customer Service Week

You probably spend every week of the year touting the customer experience. Very soon, you get to celebrate it. Are you ready for National Customer Service Week?