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4 ways to improve how you listen to (and help) customers

Listen better, help better. It seems easy, yet listening – truly listening – can be difficult. Here’s help to listen well and make the customer experience better. 

Customers don’t want to repeat themselves: 4 ways to improve your staff’s listening skills

Customers want to tell you what they need. But they don’t want to tell you twice.

The No. 1 question you must be able to answer for customers

If your salespeople can’t answer this question, prospects and customers may either demand the lowest price or buy from someone else.

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3 must-haves for every customer experience

New initiatives, streamlined processes and rewards programs won’t impress customers if these smaller details aren’t on the mark. 

Get better at listening to customers: 10 ways

The single biggest complaint of customers is that salespeople talk too much and don’t listen enough. Poor salespeople dominate the talking, while successful salespeople dominate the listening. 

11 signs a customer service rep doesn’t care anymore

Customer service professionals have to care — about their work, customers and colleagues. Unfortunately, that compassion sometimes fades, and they don’t deliver the experience customers expect. 

The best way to give yourself a competitive advantage

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the differences between your products or services and a competitor’s offerings are usually slight, so it’s difficult to win the sale by focusing on features or benefits only. 

7 reasons listening to customers drives business

Sales success usually begins with the ability to ask good questions and then listen – really listen – to the answers.