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Get better at listening to customers: 10 ways

The single biggest complaint of customers is that salespeople talk too much and don’t listen enough. Poor salespeople dominate the talking, while successful salespeople dominate the listening. 

Do we listen as well as we should?

Many people in business admit they need to brush up on their listening skills. But are they willing to do it?

3 ways to make emotional conversations easier

As a contact center pro, you probably have emotional conversations every day. Here’s how to handle them even better.

3 ways to pump up your listening skills

Care and concern usually come natural to contact center pros. Listening is a skill that comes with a little more fine-tuning. Here’s how to pump up yours.

3 secrets to better listening

Whether you’re in a position to help customers, employees or colleagues, your ability to listen is the key to doing it well. Pump up your listening skills with these three tactics.

How to remember (nearly) everything customers say

With so many distractions at work, you probably struggle to remember everything customers say. Here’s help on zeroing in.

One tactic that’ll help improve listening skills – and it’s kind of fun

Try this fun daily exercise to seriously improve listening skills.