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Smart, effective ways to use social media in the CX

Social media’s a quick, fun way to connect with customers — and it can become a time-sucking, resource-wasting endeavor. Here’s how to use the platform effectively.

7 social media mistakes that drive customers away

Social media is arguably the best way to interact with the bulk of your customers at one time. But customers can turn against you if you take on some bad social media habits.

5 proven ways LinkedIn can improve the customer experience

LinkedIn has evolved into a powerful tool in the fight to get the customer experience right. These five companies are some of the savviest, using the platform to build their reputation and customer relationships.

How to get out of 7 sticky customer situations

You don’t have to work with customers long to realize there will always be some sticky situations around the corner. You may never be able to anticipate those events, but this will help you deal with them.

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12 best practices in social media customer service

If your business isn’t offering some kind of customer service via social media, you’re missing the boat. Research now proves the benefits are lasting and profitable — and who wouldn’t want in on that?

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Social media mistakes that make you look totally stupid

By now, most companies have adopted social media in some form or another. But many of them haven’t quite nailed down how NOT to look like idiots in “social” settings.

Turbocharging sales reps’ LinkedIn profiles

The good news is that more than 90% of salespeople have a LinkedIn profile. The bad news is that many of them haven’t done much more than create a very basic profile.

Increase the marketing power of each Facebook, Twitter post: Top 10 ways

Making a great first impression means everything on social media. Chances are, if you get a customer on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page and they leave without “liking” or “following” you, they won’t return.

New trend? Some companies won’t even answer the phone anymore

Some companies won’t even answer the phone anymore. Is it a new trend in so-called customer service?

Where you need to spend social media time and money

This is where the bulk of social media action is – and where you should be in contact with customers.