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The No. 1 sales skill – and how to develop it

No matter how many sales records you break with current customers, this skill outranks every other selling skill – by a long shot.

Helping salespeople avoid telephone reluctance: 5 tips

Here are five pieces of advice that get your sales professionals past call reluctance to gain more qualified leads:

A story that will get your people to follow up with leads, prospects faster

You know it’s absolutely crucial to follow up with a lead within minutes of him or her entering your system. But when it’s difficult to get others in your organization to take that message to heart, this will help:

Poor sales leads: They cost you more than you think

Every manager knows cost-effective leads are one of the keys to maximizing profit margins. But research proves poor lead management could be costing your company a lot more than hot prospects. 

7 ways to turn inquiries into sales

Someone contacts your company requesting info about your product or service. What comes next is crucial to turning an inquiry into a sale.

4 steps to finding, closing high-probability leads online

In the brave new world of prospecting, your sales people need to know how to find top prospects, and —  more importantly — how to close them.