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7 ways to keep competitors from stealing your business

One of the key issues today is taking business away from the competition. What’s true for you is also true for your competitors.

Statements that destroy customer trust

Customer retention is more critical than ever, particularly in this competitive market with brand and vendor loyalty at an all time low. Yet some salespeople continue to turn off customers with statements that are supposed to inspire trust but end up destroying it.

9 ways to lose a customer

Here’s a checklist of nine common behaviors that lose potential customers and sales.

When they say, ‘Your price is too high’

“How come we lost the sale?” some sales managers ask. “Our prices are too high,” some salespeople respond. It’s an argument that is being played and replayed in thousands of companies every day.  And it’s an excuse.

Ten Commandments for losing good customers

Losing customers requires just as much effort as winning them.

‘Why I won’t give you another appointment’

Salespeople who work so hard to get in front of prospects are bewildered when they fail to get a second appointment. The reasons are obvious — especially to the prospect.

Five traits that mark a successful seller

What makes a good salesperson?  One expert,  John Graham, explains what’s worked time and time again for others.

‘Why I won’t buy from you’

It isn’t the economy, low-balling competitors or poor quality keeping your company from turning prospects into customers. Consultant John Graham explains what really causes the problem.