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Hire people customers will love: 4 proven tactics

Good customers like your products and services. Better customers like your company. But the best, most loyal customers love your people. Do you hire people your customers will love?

4 ways to motivate service pros on a shoestring budget

You don’t have to spend much more than time on the best ways to motivate your customer service pros. And one tip here can even make them prestigious award winners.

4 ways to find the best customer service employees

Hiring the right customer service pro might be a tougher job than finding the CEO. After all, front-line employees — not the top boss — are usually the face of the organization to customers. Here’s how to find the best.

Warning: Outgoing sales and marketing folks do NOT make the best hires

Yes, it goes against everything you thought a good hire should be, but extremely outgoing sales and marketing reps are not the most productive.

6 proven ways to hire customer service heroes

Every company vows to have great customer service. But when it comes to hiring the people who deliver it, there are a lot of easy-to-make mistakes. Here’s what you can do to avoid bad customer service hires.

3 qualities to focus on when interviewing for new agents

Find and hire the best candidate by focusing on these three qualities when interviewing potential agents.

Hiring good attitudes? It’s a set-up for failure

You’re in customer service — you have to hire the right attitude, right? Maybe not, new research says.

4 signs a top competitor may be vulnerable

You won’t always have access to enough info to tell whether a top competitor is struggling. If you pick up on one or more of these four warning signs, however, it could mean some of a competitor’s best customers are vulnerable (and ready to consider a change):

No good hires out there? 3 ways to find great employees

You probably haven’t hired anyone in a long time – with more layoffs than expansions in the past years. So now’s the time to try new hiring tactics.