Customer Experience News & Trends

4 things you must change about the customer experience to increase loyalty

You help lots of people buy your products. But if you want to increase customer loyalty this year, you’re better off helping people use your products. 

1 bad customer experience hurts you in 4 ways

When customers have a poor experience with your organization, the outlook is quite grim.

4 easiest ways to kill morale in your contact center

Think you make work a great place for agents to be? Many managers are actually doing just the opposite, new research found.

3 proven ways to get more done today (and every day)

Researchers from Harvard Business Review found that these three tactics boost productivity.

Surprising upside to why customers aren’t calling

If your phones aren’t ringing, customers probably have a good reason for not calling.

Why your script is a bad idea

If you use scripts, it might be time to trash them. Here’s what customers have to say about scripts.