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Your best sales strategy: customer service

Your company can get more customers to switch from competitors to you by focusing on this one selling point:

Can you guess how many people in your contact center are stressed?

Everyone knows High-Strung Harry is stressed. But the large number of other agents in your contact center who are stressed may shock you.

Who’s the boss? Many agents don’t know

Many contact center agents don’t know who the boss is – and it’s hurting morale and productivity. Here’s what researchers found is wrong.

Why agents would rather have a hangover than deal with you

On many days, agents would rather suffer a hangover than deal with the boss. Here’s the problem.

The one meeting you need to cancel – and why you’ll boost productivity

Here’s one meeting you need to cancel – and the payoff for not meeting should be huge.

Want everyone to do a little more? Let them play!

If you need agents to do a little more these days, it might be a good time to call recess. Here’s why.

Why you need to respond to online complaints right now

No one can escape online complaints these days. What’s good about those complainers is you can easily turn them into loyal customers.