Customer Experience News & Trends

How to get more customer feedback

Can you do a good job if you only have a third of the information you need to get the job done? Probably not – yet that’s what most companies do every day. 

How to use criticism to strengthen customer relations, boost sales

Receiving criticism is in the top 10 of the most stressful selling experiences for salespeople. Whether it comes from customers, peers or your sales manager, hearing your work criticized can be hurtful if you allow it to be. But it can help you. 

How online reviews affect the bottom line

Online reviews are more than a pat on the back or a testament to your customer experience. They can have a serious impact on the bottom line, new research found.

How to manage your customer reviews

Good or bad customer reviews, you have to do more than wait for them. You have to manage them — and here are six best practices for doing that.

5 things you can do about your haters

It used to be called hate mail, and it could be dealt with in a private way. But social media changed everything. And now angry customers can cause much more damage.

4 ways to get unique customer insight

Customer surveys might want to bow out gracefully for a bit. Customer experience pros can get a bevy of insight from a few other unique sources these days.

4 red flags customers have stopped trusting you

Trust is tough to earn with customers … and oh-so-easy to lose. And once trust is gone, loyalty will follow. Here’s how to tell customers’ trust is wavering.

11 signs a customer service rep doesn’t care anymore

Customer service professionals have to care — about their work, customers and colleagues. Unfortunately, that compassion sometimes fades, and they don’t deliver the experience customers expect. 

The 4 smartest things you can do with customer feedback

Gathering customer feedback is a valuable process. And yet it can be completely useless if you don’t do something valuable with that you’ve heard. Here’s the most important thing to do after you get customer feedback.

Exit interviews: Ways to prevent customers from leaving

No one is in a better position to tell you why you lost business than your former customers. They can give you very specific reasons why they left and a view of your business you can’t get anywhere else.