Customer Experience News & Trends

Want happier customers? Make employees happier first

If you want your customers to be happier, stop trying to make them happy – and start doing more to make employees happy. Researchers say that’s the key to customer bliss. 

11 ways to celebrate National Customer Service Week

You probably spend every week of the year touting the customer experience. Very soon, you get to celebrate it. Are you ready for National Customer Service Week?

4 rewards that don’t work in a contact center

Your contact center employees may never tell you this, so we will: These are the rewards that almost never work to motivate staff.

5 cheap ways to keep service pros happy

Studies show when front-line customer service pros are happy, they’re contagious: Customers (even those calling with complaints) will be pleasant, too. That has to be reason enough to keep your service reps smiling.

Want to be known for awesome service? Do this

You send this strong message to customers when front-line employees are able to handle anything that comes their way: We are committed to our customers.

Motivate customer service staff with these 4 job swaps

Customer service employees risk burning out every day for a gamut of reasons — whether it’s from too much demand or too little variety. Here’s how to keep them out of burnout trouble.

4 things Google does for its people that we all should do

If you want to keep the most creative, customer-focused people on your team, take a cue from Google — where almost everyone is happy to be at work.

5 ways to curb service-destroying employee call outs

For every good reason a customer service employee has for skipping work, another five probably have bad reasons. That’s why leaders want to make work the place they want to be.

3 bullies in your midst — and how to handle them

You may not have to deal with feuding NFL lineman, but you can almost rest assured that you have a bully or two lurking around. Here’s where to find them — and how to put an end to the nonsense.

Revolving door? 4 ways leaders fail contact center hires

If your turnover rate makes it look like someone’s installed a revolving door in the contact center, new research may have found the cause — and leadership could be to blame.