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When companies are most likely to drop the ball with customers

There’s one point in the customer relationship when your company is most vulnerable.

10 essentials for your social-media business strategy

What’s your social-media strategy for creating more business?

What’s the No. 1 customer demand?

A recent survey by John Tschohl, president of Service Quality Institute, asked customers one question: What do you want from a salesperson? (The most common answer wasn’t “best price.”)

4 phrases that kill upsell attempts

Any time your sales and service people are trying to help customers find the right fit or increase an order, saying the wrong thing can kill the sale.

The 5 habits of top salespeople

If your salespeope exhibit these five traits, you probably have winners.  If they don’t, you may want to find out why not.

4 ‘musts’ of a successful sales strategy

Here are four innovative ways to better understand your customers needs, and provide the type of service that leads to more business:  

Getting the most out of every customer: It’s a matter of metrics

All customers may have been created equal, but they don’t have equal value to you. In fact, some may not be worth your time at all.

How to avoid the price-driven sale

If it seems that all your customers care about is price, maybe your customers aren’t the problem.

The 3 new customer demands

Customers used to be satisfied with a fair price, a quality product and reasonable after-sale support. Today, they demand a lot more.

Most say initial sales call has ‘little or no value’

Conventional wisdom says the first impression is the lasting one. Potential customers often say something quite the opposite.