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Top tactics for dealing with customer complaints

Football coaches devoted to the running game have a saying: When a quarterback throws a pass, three things can happen – and two of them are bad.” When customers aren’t happy, three things can happen, and two of them are bad, says William T. Brooks, author and sales consultant:

Handling customer screw-ups

A customer has made a blunder, and maybe even blamed you for it initially. Now the truth comes out. How do you handle it?

Why new customers defect

Research shows that it’s rare that a customer will drop you because of the quality of your product or service.

Why 50% of customers leave

What keeps customers? The answer comes in another question: What loses them?

Dealing with difficult customers

Every business has them: difficult customers. Dealing with them successfully — so that they remain customers — rests on a few techniques that revolve around asking the right questions.

Strategies for negotiating with tough customers

Negotiating in times like these can be difficult, as customers seem to hold all of the cards, unless you have strategies for shuffling the deck.

6 keys to success in a buyer’s market

A marketing expert and scholar breaks down the keys to success in a buyer’s marketplace. 

Using the web to boost customer loyalty and sales

Your people in Sales and Service hold a no-cost key to creating more business.

Using the ‘4 O’s’ to get an edge on competitors

Four easy-to-remember keys can help your salespeople trump the competition. 

The 8 reasons customers buy from you

Guess which one is at the bottom of the list.