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Surveys are good, but this is better

Surveying is a must if you want to improve the customer experience. But this is an even better approach:

4 reasons customers won’t take your surveys — and 5 ways to get a better response

If you send surveys, and don’t get many responses, the problem is more likely your design, not your customers.

8 painless questions you should be asking customers now

Customers are often more eager to complain to friends than give you feedback. But that can all change when you ask the right kinds of questions.

4 ways to get unique customer insight

Customer surveys might want to bow out gracefully for a bit. Customer experience pros can get a bevy of insight from a few other unique sources these days.

4 mistakes that make customer surveys suck

Nearly every organization wants customer feedback. Yet many fail to get good feedback — the kind of stuff they can use to improve the customer experience. Why is that?

50% of customers quit surveys: Ways to get more responses

You could probably double the amount of valuable customer feedback you get if you approached surveying like this:

The one tool you need to use more in tough times

When your company or industry faces tough times, this is the one thing you should do more.

Customers don’t do surveys? Here’s what to do now

If you don’t get many survey responses, it’s probably because your customers suffer from survey fatigue. Here’s what to do about it.

5 things customers value most from your contact center

You might be measuring too many – or the wrong – things in your contact center. This is what really matters to most customers.

What 92% of companies fail to do when they survey customers

Only 8% of contact centers do this when they survey customers – and it makes all the difference between successful and useless surveys.