Customer Experience News & Trends

What really good service looks like (in the wake of really bad service)

United Airlines just gave the world a view of what really bad customer service looks (and can literally feel) like. Here’s what people who care about the customer experience can learn from the airline’s service disaster.

6 ways to surprise and delight customers

While customers appreciate a professional and personal experience, they remember ones that make them feel good. 

7 tips to turn customer complaints into relationship-builders

Customer complaints can be an effective tool for strengthening a relationship. 

6 proven ways to use customer feedback to improve service and sales

If you see a pattern of customer complaints, don’t just think about fixing the problem. Use the issue to improve service and, possibly, sales. Here’s how one company did it.

How a customer service culture is born and survives

Most companies say they have great service. Fewer have created an actual customer service culture that thrives. Have you?

The one thing customers care more about than their problems

When customers have a problem, you’d think that would be the main thing they cared about. But new research suggests one thing is more important.

3 ways to handle a customer who’s looking for a fight

Some customers – by nature or circumstance – want to pick a fight. Are you ready?

Customer service stories that will warm your heart

Extraordinary deeds done in otherwise ordinary situations. Random acts of kindness. Great efforts by people “just doing their jobs.” Here are stories of heartwarming customer service.

13 award-winning ways to ‘wow’ customers

You can find ways to “wow” customers from time to time. Or you could make ways to “wow” them almost every day. 

The 4 worst — and 1 very best — ways to apologize to customers

Most companies don’t like to admit they’ve done something wrong. So their attempts to apologize and quickly rebuild customer relationships fall short.