Customer Experience News & Trends

Why customers still say, ‘Service stinks!’

Customers are happy with customer service one day. But the next day can be a different story. There is a reason why.

The 4 top reasons customers are unhappy

Customers don’t even wait to become unhappy these days. They often contact you already in a tizzy.

Customer satisfaction has sunk: 10 ways to crank it back up

New research found customers are about as unhappy as ever — but there are plenty of ways to improve the customer experience.

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You say this, customers hear that: 6 confusing things to stop telling them

What you say to customers and what they hear can be totally different. So be careful to never tell them these six things.

4 customer service benchmarks you need to know now

The latest trends suggest there’s a lot of love, but not so much money in Customer Service — and that can hurt customer satisfaction.

12 reasons customers won’t trust you

Every company strives to make good first and lasting impressions with customers. But good intentions won’t always work out, and trust is lost when you make the following mistakes.

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6 stupid rules that destroy the customer experience

Employees feel handcuffed by stupid rules that destroy a great customer experience. The good news: You hold the key that will free them to keep customers happy and loyal.

3 times it’s best to bend (or break) the rules for customers

Is it ever OK to break the rules for customers? If you want to keep delivering a great customer experience, you better believe it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated: Keys to a successful customer loyalty program

We put so much thought and detail into loyalty plans these days, we just may be over-thinking — and sabotaging — them.

4 sins that turn customers off instantly

A lot of customers chose to suffer in silence. The problem is, that silence doesn’t help you improve the customer experience or give you an opportunity to make things right. That’s why you must seek out trouble spots before they start costing you customers.