Customer Experience News & Trends

How empathy pays off

Empathy isn’t just a wishy-washy tool for customer service pros to use. Nowadays, empathy across channels will improve customer experiences and boost business.

The first question customers ask after seeing a lower price elsewhere

Imagine a scenario where a hungry and capable competitor is trying to take away one of your best customers. No matter how positive your history with the customer is, he or she will ask one question after being told that another, similar product or service is less expensive than the one you’re providing. 

5 ways your contact center can boost loyalty

You have more opportunities than ever to make customers happier. This is how your front-line service people can do it every day.

Where is customer service best? (Hint: It’s not in the U.S.)

For companies that want to deliver world-class customer service, they’ll need to look beyond the U.S. borders for advice. Service is lagging stateside, new research has found.

Want to boost customer satisfaction? Focus on this

If there’s one thing customers want from you more than ever, this is it …

Why now is the best time to improve the customer experience

The worst time to let customer service slip is when the economy’s on the upswing. New research shows us why.

Customers angry? 5 steps calm them

All customers get angry – and most of them control their anger and work toward a resolution. But for those who don’t, here’s how to handle them.

How to get the most out of your CX initiatives

Brace yourselves for this hard truth: Most initiatives to improve the customer experience are a waste of money. But fear not, there are research-backed tactics that can make your CX plans work.

4 signs a bad customer service employee won’t improve (and needs to be shown the door)

Most under-performing employees get better before customer satisfaction gets worse. But there are a few who will never improve. This is how to identify and get rid of them.

Love or hate ’em, you have to deal with these 6 tough customers

Customers really are a lot like family: Some are as ornery as Uncle Frank, and some are as indecisive as Grandma Ellen. Love or hate them, you have to handle customers at their best and worst. This is how.