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10 commandments of customer loyalty

Everyone has experienced this at one time or another. What you thought was going to be a simple everyday transaction for a product or service turned out to be an experience that earned your lifetime loyalty as a customer.

5 ways to strengthen customer loyalty

Customers can come and go as quickly as clicking the “next” button on their smartphones — that is, unless they’re rooted in their relationship with you.

B2B relationships lack trust, loyalty: 3 ways to rebuild now

Many B2B customer relationships are at risk. Trust is low. Loyalty is waning. Fortunately, you can still win it.

7 small gestures that make big customer impressions

When it comes to creating great customer experiences, a little can go a long way.

The danger in the complaints you aren’t hearing

Customer complaints can help you remedy recurring problems, rebound to build loyalty and improve the overall experience. Unfortunately, you likely miss a lot of those complaints. 

The No. 1 sales priority for 2017?

The number one priority of sales professionals for 2017 is to … 

The 5 best customer experience stories … ever

We present to you the five most popular stories ever published on Customer Experience Insight: 

4 special ways to show customers you care

Most customers who leave you do it for the same general reason: They didn’t feel cared for.

10 ways to construct a customer pipeline

The life force of sales is a strong pipeline that’s flowing with prospective customers. Without a pipeline of prospects, it’s difficult to have long-term growth or proper short-term results. Creating one is a two-step process. 

11 phrases that make unhappy customers smile again

Upset customers present a unique opportunity to customer experience professionals. It’s your chance to shine, turning things around for that person and your business relationship. The best part: It can be done just by saying the right thing.