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4 red flags customers have stopped trusting you

Trust is tough to earn with customers … and oh-so-easy to lose. And once trust is gone, loyalty will follow. Here’s how to tell customers’ trust is wavering.

Habits that lead to sales success

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an art but a habit.” Aristotle was a philosopher, not a salesperson. But his message is valuable for all salespeople. 

The No. 1 secret customers won’t share with you

There are seven words that strike fear into the heart of your salespeople.

Think you know your customers? Then put yourself to this test

You think you know your customers — and give them everything they want. Well, a mass exodus could be in the making. That’s what this company found out just in time. 

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7 ways to build more trust with customers now

Trust leads to all things good in the business world these days. This is how to build more of it among customers.

Long-term customer relationships fail for these 4 reasons

Long-term customer relationships are not built on the info or attitude you present to customers — they are built on the actions you take. Customers evaluate your consistent, persistent, predictable actions over time to determine who you truly are.

What we all can learn about customer loyalty from 5 innovators

B2Bs might not be known for their flashy advertising or innovative customer loyalty plans the way B2Cs are. But these five lesser-known organizations built major customer loyalty and sales in ways you never imagined.

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15 things you should never do with customers

You’ve seen — and probably avoided — all the things you should never say to customers. Now it’s time to add to your “what to avoid” list some things you could do that would ruin the customer experience and likely kill the relationship.

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The 5 best ways to sell against established relationships

A well-established relationship can look invincible, but it may not be as secure as it appears, especially during difficult times. Customers are more accessible and open to listening to competitive proposals when the economy is weak. 

5 types of decision-makers

Some decision-makers will take sides and help shape the outcome. Some will want you to win, while others will favor your competitor. And you need to know which way people are leaning so you can direct them in your favor.