Customer Experience News & Trends

9 rules for dealing with difficult customers

Most customers are reasonable human beings who treat the companies with which they do business with dignity and respect. Then there’s everyone else. 

10 proven strategies to connect with customers before, during & after sales

It’s critical for salespeople to spend time with their customers beyond the purchasing transaction, providing value and building engagement and alignment. 

23 of the best things to say to an angry customer

An upset customer has your ear, and now he expects you to respond. What you say (or write) will make or break the experience. Do you know what to do? 

6 ways to have fun with the customer experience

Good business doesn’t have to be all business all the time. In fact, the customer experience can benefit from some funny business as well.

Building ’emotional connections’ could be the most important thing you do this year

If you aren’t using emotional connections to build customer loyalty, you’re wasting time, according to new research.

Is your sales team guilty of these customer relationship killers?

Once customers begin to use a product or service, they’re going to be anxious to see positive results. They may also have challenges and problems, and if they have nowhere to turn to get answers, because their salesperson is busy closing other deals, it leaves a bad impression. 

Improve customer relationships using criticism

Of the things that stress people out on a daily basis, criticism is atop the list. Whether it comes from customers, peers or their managers, hearing your work criticized can be hurtful if you allow it to be. 

4 ways to curb the high cost of customer turnover

When customers are unhappy and decide to leave, the loss of loyalty can be painful. But did you know it’s this bad?

3 great ways to handle customer complaints on Twitter

Few things travel faster than bad news — especially when Twitter is the mouthpiece. So when customers take their gripes to the limited-word social media site, you want to get in there fast.

6 sane ways to deal with tough customers

Difficult customers can drive even the calmest customer service pro a little crazy. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain sanity and a strong relationship when dealing with the toughest of the tough.