Customer Experience News & Trends

You’ll lose 30% of customers this year – unless agents do this

Just think: About one in three customers you talk to today will walk away this year. Fortunately, you can do something to prevent it.

When’s your best opportunity to gain customer loyalty?

As a contact center pro, you hold the key to customer loyalty. But when is your best chance to win it?

Do you reward customers enough?

Think you give customers enough respect, help and reasons to come back? Here’s what they think.

One thing best-in-class companies have that you probably don’t

The best companies rise to the top because of this one customer service strategy. Do you follow it?

How customers show the love for your company

Customers who have great experiences with your contact center will show the love. But how?

Can you build customer loyalty through self-service?

Is self-service self serving, or can you really build customer loyalty through it? 

Do your customers have 1,461 days to change their minds?

Customers are a fickle bunch. But do you give them almost 1,500 days to change their minds? Here’s one company that does.

3 ways agents can build customer loyalty every day

Contact center agents can leverage their daily contact with customers to build superb loyalty. Here’s how.

4 discounts that actually turn off customers

Discounts may sound like a good thing to offer customers, but some may actually undermine relationships. Here’s why.

3 ways to bring back first-time customers

You may have picked up lots of new customers as the economy improved. Now it’s time to work on keeping them.