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B2B relationships lack trust, loyalty: 3 ways to rebuild now

Many B2B customer relationships are at risk. Trust is low. Loyalty is waning. Fortunately, you can still win it.

9 ways to increase customer loyalty

Successful salespeople resemble evergreen trees. Their customers are like the needles the trees hold throughout the year. But only about 10% of all salespeople are considered “evergreen.” 

6 signs customers will walk – and how to win them back

Most customers put up red flags before they quit you, but many companies ignore them. Here’s what to watch for and how to win back their loyalty.

6 small things you can do to engender customer loyalty

Personal outreach can go a long way toward boosting customer loyalty and overall revenue. But many sales reps may not know how to turn off the sales switch — and reach out to customers when those customers aren’t looking to close another deal.

These are the customers who will buy more now

Fiscal cliff or not, spending is up by consumers and businesses. Now’s the time to tap these customers to buy more. 

Customers reveal the No. 1 way to reward their loyalty

Customers were candid and said this is the best way you can reward their loyalty.

7 ways to build greater customer loyalty

Agents are capable of amazing things. One of them being they can build fierce customer loyalty. Here’s how.

6 ways to build customer confidence

Customers’ confidence in agents is the cornerstone to solid, loyal relationships. Here are six ways agents can build that confidence.

The right way to say ‘thanks’ to customers

A quick “thank you” at the end of interactions with customers isn’t always the appropriate way to show appreciation. Here’s what works best.

Just an order-taker? Never! You build loyalty one order at a time

Taking customer orders may seem like one of the most mundane tasks to contact center agents. But it’s so much more.