Customer Experience News & Trends

5 ways to continually develop customer loyalty

In the war for customer loyalty, you can only win one battle at a time – and never claim victory. Customer loyalty demands constant development. 

10 ways to thank customers for their business this year

If it weren’t for customers, you wouldn’t be in business. So it’s always a good time to thank them. But it’s even more important now. 

Best ways to keep your customers loyal

Customers will dump you for a better deal – but only if you aren’t making an effort to keep them loyal. 

4 problems with loyalty plans – and how to make yours better

Customers probably flock to your loyalty program, then scatter when it comes time to use it. Here’s why customers don’t participate enough – and how to make yours more effective. 

Customer loyalty depends on the answers to these 6 questions

Customers have infinite options, so why should they continue to choose you?

Why customers leave – and how you can prevent churn (infographic)

Customer loyalty is almost always at risk – possibly more than you ever imagined. 

Stop working so hard to gain customer loyalty: Average efforts are enough

Good news: Good service is good enough. 

Top 11 customer service tips that will never fail you

As much as customer service has evolved, some of the most basic practices are still the most powerful.

Proven strategies to create long-term customer relationships, loyalty

Successful companies spend time with their customers beyond the initial purchasing transaction, providing value and building engagement and alignment. They continue to learn what their customers need after closing the initial sale. 

Ways to use persistence to regain lost customers

When people don’t have sufficient persistence, they take rejection personally. They become hesitant to get in front of another potential customer because the pain of potential rejection is too great to run the risk.