Customer Experience News & Trends

7 small gestures that make big customer impressions

When it comes to creating great customer experiences, a little can go a long way.

4 customer service sins that kill loyalty

Customer loyalty is easy to gain these days. But customers are fickle. So it’s even easier to lose. Commit one of these sins, and you’ll lose it fast.

4 huge ways to build customer loyalty

Many customers sign up for loyalty programs. Some customers actually stick around a while because of the plans. But here’s what really keeps customers loyal.

Customer loyalty hinges on your ‘power of nice’

Could this little word be the common thread that builds and holds customer loyalty?

4 ways to turn customers into loyal fans

You may never know customer loyalty like professional sports teams do, but it’s possible to build enough loyalty to make your competitors envious.

How a customer service culture is born and survives

Most companies say they have great service. Fewer have created an actual customer service culture that thrives. Have you?

What’s your customer loyalty status?

Loyalty has never been easy to win. It’s even tougher to maintain now that people can change any relationship status as quickly as they can log into social media.

5 building blocks of great customer experiences in 2017

The most outstanding customer experiences aren’t built on technology. They’re rooted in a practical vision, focused leadership and empowered employees. Here’s how to set the right course for your customer experience in 2017.

How customer loyalty programs can backfire

The best loyalty programs successfully keep customers coming back. But new research finds that many programs do the exact opposite: They turn customers away.

4 unique ways to build customer loyalty

Companies have shown their thanks to customers through loyalty plans longer than Thanksgiving has been an official holiday. And while Thanksgiving hasn’t evolved much — we still eat turkey and pumpkin — loyalty plans have.