Customer Experience News & Trends

80% of customers want you to do this

About 80% of your customers are waiting for you to do something. Yet, many companies are falling short in this area.

4 huge ways to build customer loyalty

Many customers sign up for loyalty programs. Some customers actually stick around a while because of the plans. But here’s what really keeps customers loyal.

Customer loyalty hinges on your ‘power of nice’

Could this little word be the common thread that builds and holds customer loyalty?

4 ways to turn customers into loyal fans

You may never know customer loyalty like professional sports teams do, but it’s possible to build enough loyalty to make your competitors envious.

Pick your service style: There are 9 to choose from

Nearly every company wants to provide the best service. But many miss the mark because they skip an important step in the experience: defining their service style and committing to being the best at it.

The 11 best things to say to customers

Here’s the good news: For everything that can go wrong in a customer conversation, a whole lot more can go right.

What a happy customer means to the bottom line [Graphic]

If you don’t have enough reasons to make customers happy, here’s one you can put at the top of your list: 

6 ways to surprise and delight customers

While customers appreciate a professional and personal experience, they remember ones that make them feel good. 

6 proven ways to use customer feedback to improve service and sales

If you see a pattern of customer complaints, don’t just think about fixing the problem. Use the issue to improve service and, possibly, sales. Here’s how one company did it.

How a customer service culture is born and survives

Most companies say they have great service. Fewer have created an actual customer service culture that thrives. Have you?