Customer Experience News & Trends

5 of the worst customer service stories — and lessons you gain from them

There’s one good thing about acts of bad customer service: People who care about the customer experience (like you!) can learn valuable lessons on how to be better from them.

How to bridge the gap between what customers expect and what you deliver

You think you have the customer experience nailed, then BAM! Customers complain that you missed the mark by a mile. Why?

The experience millennials want from you (Infographic)

Millennials will soon be the biggest buyers of everything under the sun. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B, here’s what you need to know about the experience they want. 

Top 3 reasons customer experience programs fail – and how to avoid them

Creating an experience that customers love is a worthy goal, but it can end up buried in metrics, data and analysis. The following are the top three reasons customer experience programs fail, and how you can avoid them.

The 3 things customers want most (and lessons from Uber on delivering them)

Customers want better experiences all the time. But their expectations are still focused on three key areas.

10 of the most powerful words to use with customers

You need to persuade, comfort and even motivate customers every day you work with them. Choose the right words, and you can accomplish any of that and more.

Should your marketing message be clear or clever?

When you want customers to remember your message, should you be clever?

5 building blocks of great customer experiences in 2017

The most outstanding customer experiences aren’t built on technology. They’re rooted in a practical vision, focused leadership and empowered employees. Here’s how to set the right course for your customer experience in 2017.

6 cues customers give when they want something more

Customers give clues every day as to what will make them raving fans. Are you listening closely enough?

Our 10 best customer experience-improving lists of 2016

While you count down the days to a new year, you can count on these top 10 lists from Customer Experience Insight to help make sales and service better in 2017. They’re chock full of tips worth sharing with anyone who has a hand in the customer experience.