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The danger in the complaints you aren’t hearing

Customer complaints can help you remedy recurring problems, rebound to build loyalty and improve the overall experience. Unfortunately, you likely miss a lot of those complaints. 

4 customer service sins that kill loyalty

Customer loyalty is easy to gain these days. But customers are fickle. So it’s even easier to lose. Commit one of these sins, and you’ll lose it fast.

7 tips to turn customer complaints into relationship-builders

Customer complaints can be an effective tool for strengthening a relationship. 

Turn customer complaints into great experiences: 6 expert tips

You don’t have to take customer complaints like taking one to the chin. Instead, take them as a way to boost customer service.

Ha-ha! What humorous complaints actually do to business

“Tell us what you think.” Have your requests for feedback given wannabe comedians a license to thrill or kill business? New research has found how your Robin Williams-like customers, who write reviews, affect business.

Customers said it: ‘You suck at handling our complaints!’

Customers still think companies do a pretty miserable job of handling their complaints, according to the latest research.

Should your CEO be taking customer complaints?

Should your CEO respond to customer complaints? It might not be a bad idea to let him or her — assuming training is given.

Lawsuit shows how NOT to handle customer complaints

Customers can be irrational, over-demanding and downright out of line. But that’s never cause to give employees carte blanche when dealing with customer complaints.

Why an error is a good thing once in a while

Here’s why you don’t need to sweat the small slip-ups too much.

Stay calm and move along: Key to handling negativity

When a customer or co-worker loses his cool — and blows up on you — follow these steps to stay calm and move things along.