Customer Experience News & Trends

6 ways to captivate, convince and inspire customers

The late Steve Jobs functioned as Apple’s chief storyteller, engaging audiences by sharing stories that focused on the company’s signature — great design. His stories were effective because they aligned with customer experiences and expectations. 

6 difficult customers – and the best ways to handle them

What’s the worst part of working with difficult customers? They usually don’t want to listen. Here are six of the most difficult customers you’ll encounter — and tactics to get through to each. 

15 tips for creating successful negotiations

Preparation is the only aspect of negotiations over which you have complete control. If you’re not prepared for a negotiation, you give the other side an unearned advantage. 

8 old-school phrases that boost customer satisfaction today

Whether you’ve been involved in the customer experience for a year or 25 years, you’ll find that some old-school practices will always be effective. Here are eight you’ll want to commit to memory.

Top reasons customers opt out – and how you can keep them interested

Customers’ patience with your communication has its limits. Here’s what takes them to the breaking point — that is the point at which they want to opt out and/or end the relationship.

Be prepared: Customers want to talk

Despite all the communication options, customers still want to talk to you. Are you as prepared as they expect?

How to say less and still build more sales

Today’s constant barrage of information may leave prospects and customers bewildered and exhausted. According to a study at the University of California, the average American consumes 100,500 words on an average day. 

16 phrases that make a great impression on customers

You may only be able to make a first impression once, but every time you talk to customers you have the opportunity to make an even better impression. Here’s how.

10 of the most powerful words to use with customers

You need to persuade, comfort and even motivate customers every day you work with them. Choose the right words, and you can accomplish any of that and more.

Should your marketing message be clear or clever?

When you want customers to remember your message, should you be clever?