Customer Experience News & Trends

Top 11 customer service tips that will never fail you

As much as customer service has evolved, some of the most basic practices are still the most powerful.

Where have all the customers gone? Why loyalty stinks now

Customers fall in and out of love with companies almost as fast as teenage girls do. This is why loyalty is on the fritz.

The top 8 reasons customers may not like you

Customers want to like you. After all, they chose to do business with you. But you might be doing some of these things they despise.

5 sales presentation sins

Here are five sins that will undermine presentations to customers:

9 words customers want you to say more often

When it comes to wowing customers, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Sometimes, it can be as little as this three-letter word … 

5 intelligent ways to handle irate customers

Irate customers can trigger some angst in the people trying to help them. When those volatile situations come your way, here are five clever strategies for handling them.

What really good service looks like (in the wake of really bad service)

United Airlines just gave the world a view of what really bad customer service looks (and can literally feel) like. Here’s what people who care about the customer experience can learn from the airline’s service disaster.

The 11 best things to say to customers

Here’s the good news: For everything that can go wrong in a customer conversation, a whole lot more can go right.

7 tips to turn customer complaints into relationship-builders

Customer complaints can be an effective tool for strengthening a relationship. 

3 ways to handle a customer who’s looking for a fight

Some customers – by nature or circumstance – want to pick a fight. Are you ready?