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11 things you should never say to customers

The wrong words can derail a customer experience in a flash. To avoid the crash, here are 11 things you should never say to customers. 

11 things you don’t say to customers

Use the wrong words once with customers, and you may not have the chance to help them again.

6 costly blunders when communicating with customers

There’s one problem at the root of most customer issues: miscommunication. Eliminate many of the missteps in communication, and you can improve customer experiences.

Rage is on the rise: What should customer service pros do about it?

Rage is a rising occupational hazard for customer service professionals, according to new research. Here’s what they can do about it.

Get better at listening to customers: 10 ways

The single biggest complaint of customers is that salespeople talk too much and don’t listen enough. Poor salespeople dominate the talking, while successful salespeople dominate the listening. 

The 10 best stories of 2015

In case you missed any of them, we wanted to draw your attention to the best Customer Experience Insight stories of 2015 before the year is out. They’re worth sharing with anyone who deals directly with customers. 

7 ways to make tweets, posts and all customer content better

Customers will only read what you write — in social media, email or marketing collateral — if the content is worthwhile. These writing tips will help you make it just that. 

The 5 best customer experience stories … ever

We present to you the five most popular stories ever published on Customer Experience Insight: 

5 phrases that should be part of every sales conversation

When you talk to customers and prospects about your products, don’t try to impress them with big words and bigger ideas. You aren’t going to impress anyone (except yourself, perhaps).

11 ingredients that bake up wicked-awesome customer communications

Have you ever baked a dessert only to taste it and immediately realize you forgot an essential ingredient? It can cast a pall over the entire meal. Well, the same can actually be said of your customer communications: One missing ingredient can spoil the party.