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4 lies contact center candidates tell you

We periodically give you advice on finding the best contact center candidates. Now, we’ll tell you the top lies the bad candidates tell — and how to spot them.

3 ways to make your contact center more efficient

Of all the things customers want, “faster” has to be at or near the top of their list. To meet that need, contact centers are always on a quest to increase efficiency. Here are three proven ways to do it.

Revolving door? 4 ways leaders fail contact center hires

If your turnover rate makes it look like someone’s installed a revolving door in the contact center, new research may have found the cause — and leadership could be to blame.

3 qualities your seasonal contact center workers must have

When it’s time to ramp up hiring in your contact center, researchers say these are the most important qualities to look for in temp workers:

Keys to building a contact center where everyone wants to work

Contact centers are notorious for high turnover and low job satisfaction. Employees don’t want to be there, and customers don’t want to get help from those who are there. It’s a recipe for a poor customer experience – unless you create an ideal work environment.

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3 ways to turn the contact center into a profit center

Customer service departments have long wanted to shed the “cost center” image. These three ideas may be their ticket to being considered rocking “profit centers.”

5 signs workers have had too much — and 7 ways to cut their stress

Some agents wear their emotions on their sleeves. Others mask them like Zorro. But very few can hide stress successfully.