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A customer’s ‘no’ may just mean ‘not now’

“No” is the most common word in sales. Most prospects may say “no” the first time your company calls. They’ll say “no” to some of the commitments you need from them to move a sale forward. They may say “no” at the end of your presentation. 

Do customers want a chat or a chatbot?

Customers like to chat with you and your chatbots, but what do they like more? 

The 5 quickest ways to run yourself out of business

Treating customers like dirt or selling poor-quality products obviously puts you on the fast track to going out of business. But there are some not-so-obvious mistakes that could lead to you hanging the “Closed” sign in your window.

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5 things you should never, ever say to customers

A few words can destroy a customer experience in a millisecond. Anyone who works directly with customers must choose their words carefully — and these are some to avoid.

5 holiday office party mistakes — and how to avoid them

Whether you look forward to or dread the contact center holiday get-together, you’ll want to avoid these party mistakes.