Customer Experience News & Trends

Worst things you can say to customers post-pandemic

The coronavirus has disrupted enough as is. You don’t need a coronavirus faux pas to disrupt any customer experience going forward. So be careful what you say. 

4 bad habits Customer Service needs to kick

Most customer service operations are plagued by at least one bad habit that customers hate. Do you commit any of the following?

4 ways to handle your haters (and even make them love you!)

You have haters. Some had a problem with your product. Some had a problem with your people. But almost all of them can like – or maybe even love – you again.

4 ways to get every employee to care about the customer experience

You care about the customer experience. But a lot of people in your company – who aren’t as deeply rooted in it – might not “get it.” Here are four ways CX pros got their colleagues on board.

23 of the best things to say to an angry customer

An upset customer has your ear, and now he expects you to respond. What you say (or write) will make or break the experience. Do you know what to do? 

15 tips customers are getting about negotiating with you

Purchasing managers are being given the following tips on how they can get a better price in negotiations. This information can help you determine how to better approach customer communications and sales. 

Put these customer stories to work for your company

By all means, share those stories – and you’ll help build a better company:

How to get the best experience ever

No one knows more about the customer experience than front-line service professionals. So we turn to them for advice on how to get the best experience ever.

Blunders & triumphs: 2017’s top 10 stories on what to say (and not say) to customers

Most great companies resolve to create better customer experiences each year. So this should help with your 2018 plans: Our top-rated lists on what to say and do – and what to avoid.

4 inexpensive – yet priceless – holiday gifts for your customers

You probably want to thank, and maybe even reward, customers this holiday season. Here are four inexpensive ideas that will feel priceless to customers.