Customer Experience News & Trends

Where have all the customers gone? Why loyalty stinks now

Customers fall in and out of love with companies almost as fast as teenage girls do. This is why loyalty is on the fritz.

7 examples of body language that destroy sales

When it comes to communication, body language is just as important as the words you speak. And poor body language will cost you sales, no matter how great your pitch is.

Are you keeping up with the changing role of decision makers?

Your customers have experienced a fundamental shift in their responsibilities. 

The 4 worst — and 1 very best — ways to apologize to customers

Most companies don’t like to admit they’ve done something wrong. So their attempts to apologize and quickly rebuild customer relationships fall short.

23 of the best things to say to an angry customer

An upset customer has your ear, and now he expects you to respond. What you say (or write) will make or break the experience. Do you know what to do? 

4 bad habits Customer Service needs to kick

Most customer service operations are plagued by at least one bad habit that customers hate. Do you commit any of the following?

The language of selling

Every industry has its own terminology that generates jargon. 

How to build soft skills and deliver the ultimate customer experience

People — not process and technology — have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction. Improve your people’s soft skills and you can substantially improve the customer experience.

Stop wasting 25% of everyone’s time with 10 ways to plan better meetings

For every department discussion or client meeting, about 25% of the time is wasted — time that could be better spent improving the customer experience.

There’s something wrong with this online service tool — and here’s how to fix it

Customers love to browse, learn and get help online. But they don’t always trust what you tell them.