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Helping salespeople avoid telephone reluctance: 5 tips

Here are five pieces of advice that get your sales professionals past call reluctance to gain more qualified leads:

Referral selling: A strategy that will leave your competition in the dust

Salespeople who contact prospects through referrals have a 75% chance of converting them to customers. Compare that to the roughly 3% payoff for salespeople making cold calls.

Conquering cold calling: What is and isn’t working

Even though many salespeople dread it, the simple truth is that cold calling is an absolutely necessary part of the sales process, and it pays.

The biggest pitfalls your sales pros encounter when cold calling

Here are four huge pitfalls associated with cold calling – along with tips on how to avoid them:

Cold calling is alive and well, survey finds

Those who have been sounding the death knell for cold calling may have to reconsider their thinking. Customers are still receptive to cold calls.